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The Essential Guide to Office Credenzas

The Essential Guide to Office Credenzas

Chances are, you own them or have maybe even seen them in your office, school or even your local library, yet you don’t know what they’re called and what makes them unique. Even more, you may not know how to pronounce the word either; yep, you’re right if you guessed office credenzas.

(Oh and if you really don’t know how to pronounce credenza, this article and audio over on the Cambridge dictionary website will no doubt help you).

Office credenzas can be seen pretty much everywhere in typical modern offices. They are like low standing sideboards for the office. People use them typically to store various items; stationery, files, boxes, media and the like.

Where office credenzas originated

Now here’s a weird bit of history to tell your friends. Back around the 16th century, the servants of big time rulers or royalty would be made to taste the food and drink before it was to be served, to check for poisons. Eventually, this act took on the name of ‘credenza’.

Similarly, the room in which this act took place came to be known as ‘credenza’ too and the piece of furniture on which the act of credenza took place also came to be known as ‘credenza’. Bet you didn’t expect that, right?

Logan office credenza

Logan office credenza (Source)

Benefits of office credenzas

One of the main benefits of office credenzas is the additional office storage space they provide. There are a wide range of styles when it comes to credenzas; some are small with only a single shelf, others are larger with multiple drawers and cupboard configurations.

Credenzas in home offices can also be placed against a wall, and be used as a simple secondary desk for small purposes like studying or casual paperwork. Having an office credenza means that you have that extra desk space, which for many families or couples can be more convenient.

Vibe office credenza

Vibe office credenza (Source)

Things to consider when shopping around for a credenza

If you’re looking to buy an office credenza, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind in order to get the ideal one for your needs.

Overall size

Office credenzas come in a wide variety of different sizes. The most important thing here is that you get the most suitable size for your room and needs. You wouldn’t want your credenza to be too big and neither too small for your needs, just make sure that it facilitates your work in a manner that would make you more efficient and productive.

One more thing that you must take into consideration before buying an office credenza is the height. If you’re going to use a credenza as a secondary table then make sure it is not taller or shorter than your main table otherwise, it would ruin the look of your workspace and it might also hinder your productivity.


Another thing to consider when shopping for an office credenza, is the materials; actually the quality of the materials. For example, there’s a huge difference between thin and flimsy MDF board, versus solid, thick hardwood. Then there’s even the legs, and if they are metal and adjustable, the knobs or handles, etc.

The better the material, the more durable it would be. If you have extra money to spend and aren’t on a strict budget, you may want to look into buying an office credenza made out of hardwood as it is known for its durability and beauty. The best hardwood for a credenza is cherry wood, oak wood or maple wood.


When you are buying a credenza, you must also consider how it will fit in with the overall elements of your home office. Will it need to be white, or oak, or black? Are there any particular elements you want in the design? Are you after a specific minimalist aesthetic and want the credenza to have minimalistic features too?

Storage space

The storage space in your credenza will help you more than you think. You may have a bunch of files laying on your desk that you wouldn’t need anytime soon but they can come in handy sooner or later. An office credenza is perfect for this sort of thing.

The more cabinets and drawers you have in your credenza, the better it serves you. The higher end office credenzas will feature more storage facilities that will help you in the long run. Remember though, if you’re certain that you won’t be using them all, then it’s better not to buy a credenza with all that extra storage space.


I trust that this guide has helped you consider getting an office credenza for your home office, and that you now feel armed with all the knowledge you need to buy one with confidence. Oh, and to hire servants to check for poisons of course, too!

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