13 Scandinavian Home Office Design Ideas

Scandinavian shelving

Want to create a minimalist Scandinavian atmosphere in your home office? We’ve collected some great examples of this decor style, in order for you to get some new decorating inspiration. I’m a huge fan of these best Scandinavian home office design ideas, and can see my own home office getting this treatment over time.

The home office is evolving into a crucial area in the house, thanks to so many people now working from home. I hope that these 13 examples will help inspire you on your journey to redecorate your home office.

This video below is an exceptional introduction to this Nordic style, if you want to learn more about the origins and aspects of Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian home office design ideas

In simple terms, a home office designed in the Scandinavian style prioritises functionality and utility. You’ll find that Scandinavian interior design is often simple and uses neutral hues like white, black, and grey to create an uncluttered environment.

Scandinavian furniture

A Scandinavian desk is minimalist in form and very practical. Large executive-style workstations are uncommon in Scandinavian households. Scandinavians choose modest writing tables or desks with only two or three drawers to make their workstations as uncomplicated as possible.

White desk

White desk Scandinavian home office

White desk in home office (Source)

The standard option for the Scandi home office is a plain desk. It is simple, adaptable, and, most importantly, useful. The desk may be embellished in any way you wish, and it provides a clear surface for designing.

You can position the plain white desk under a little cream area rug. For focused lighting, you can place a plain black task lamp is placed in the corner. An enormous greenhouse plant will complete the corner of this home office with some natural beauty!

Vintage wood desk

Vintage Wood Desk

Vintage Wood Desk (Source)

The mid-century wood desk in front of the window is in a much cosier Scandinavian home office. You can set up the workstation in front of a window to make use of as much natural light as possible. Additionally, you can enjoy the view.

For nighttime work sessions, you can provide extra illumination by a pendant light with a bare bulb and a simple black table lamp.

Built in desk

Built-in Desk

Built-in Desk (Source)

This distinctive Scandinavian home office corner has been converted into a workstation. The wall has been constructed with a shelf that may be used as a platform for writing, reading, using a laptop and other activities. The shelf has a small slope that helps it blend in with the room.

On the wall above, two floating shelves can be placed to showcase miniature art pieces. You can also paint everything in the room in a stunning Scandinavian blue shade!

Scandinavian office chairs

Regarding the design of your Scandinavian home office, you must undoubtedly consider chairs. Every desk will need a sturdy chair so you may sit on it and work.

Black chair

Black chair

Black chair (Source)

The desk and chair in the home office can be made of neutral-coloured wood and are plainly black. The office chair’s colour can contrast with the desk’s colour. You can match a light-coloured desk with a dark chair.

Wishbone chair

Wishbone Chair

Wishbone Chair (Source)

Another common option for sitting in Scandinavian workplaces is the wishbone chair. It is a very traditional Scandinavian chair. This wishbone chair made of natural wood has been matched with a modern, stark white desk.

Ideas for Scandinavian office décor

It’s time to consider how to design your Scandi-style workplace after you’ve chosen your office furniture. There are many things to think about, from storage to wall art. Small touches and office supplies will help the place seem really personal.


Scandinavian shelving

Scandinavian shelving (Source)

There are various methods to build home office shelves in Scandinavian houses. You may either get a bookcase to construct shelving that can be moved anywhere you need it or go for floating shelves directly connected to the wall. The open shelving in a Scandinavian home office allows for simple access to books and other office materials.


Scandinavian home office design ideas

Photographs (Source)

Many of these Scandinavian home offices have lovely black-and-white photographic images with either black or white frames. The Black and white picture motivates whoever is working at the desk and contributes to the room’s softer vibe.

Black lamp

Black lamp

Black lamp (Source)

The task lamp is a common illumination option for desk jobs. Without utilising a lot of power, you may direct focused light in the appropriate locations. You can choose a work light for your Scandinavian home office that is black and fashioned like a cone. It will contrast well with the white wall behind it.

Dark vase

Dark vase

Dark vase (Source)

Use a little black vase to house flowers or indoor plants and liven up your minimalist Scandinavian workspace. This is another Scandinavian office design suggestion. Considering how harsh and protracted the Nordic winters can be, keeping some greenery indoors is essential for maintaining a positive attitude.

Ideas for Scandinavian office walls

You may get some inspiration for your office wall design from the following wall decor ideas.

Utilising a limited space

Utilising a Limited Space

Utilising a Limited Space (Source)

This image could serve as inspiration for designing a compact Scandinavian workspace. A small desk has been incorporated into the wall in this area, and storage has been added by way of numerous top shelves. When you have a little office space at home, it’s crucial to use the vertical space there! For sitting, utilise a straightforward side chair with a cane back.

Soft pink walls

Soft pink walls

Soft pink walls (Source)

One of the most vibrant Scandinavian home office decorating ideas is having a soft pink wall. The furniture in the room can be Scandinavian, including a white wishbone chair with a fake fur seat cushion and a woo desk. The space can be painted with a subdued pink tint. Over the seat, you can place a pink throw blanket.

Striped blue accent wall

Striped Blue Accent Wall

Striped Blue Accent Wall (Source)

Try painting a few stripes of Scandinavian blue on the wall to give your workplace some personality. Of course, the wall should be painted in the subdued shade of Scandinavian blue. You just need a plain white desk and a side chair in dark grey to finish things off!


As you can see, these Scandinavian home office design ideas appear to be dominated by the colours black and white. You may add beige, grey, or blue accents, but for a Nordic office design, it’s best to keep your colour palette as muted as possible.