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Choosing Great Wall Art for Your Home Office

Choosing Great Wall Art for Your Home Office

Most of us love art, such as photography, paintings or art prints. It’s in our homes and a regular part of our lives. We also know that there are tons and tons of choices out there. However, have you really considered your choice of wall art for the home office? This article explains more.

Choosing wall art for your home office is a very personal choice. After all, this is your place after all, right? So here are some things to consider when choosing wall art:

  • Different kinds of wall art will look better in different rooms
  • Don’t get hung up on what others think is “cool”
  • Consider your wall size and ensure what you buy will fit
  • Don’t worry about all the colours you need to choose from
  • Don’t go cheapest; this is an investment for a long time
  • Alternatively, expensive doesn’t always mean best, either

We asked over 20 artists and designers from around the world to share their top tips for choosing your personal home office decorating style. Here are their top picks:

  • Avoid monochromatic greys
  • Go for bold patterns and splashes of colour!
  • Avoid teal or brown tone space with pops of lavender (or pink)
  • Colour can be an important mood enhancer (but avoid too much!)

Different types of wall art

This is a great article for me to write, as I am a huge fan of wall art for the home office. To have an office with blank walls seems so boring. It’s important to have the right mood in your office, and I think that’s a bit of a personal preference.

The first thing to consider when choosing wall art for the home office, is that you want something that speaks to your personality. This is not about colour palettes or shapes but about mood. It is how people feel when they walk into your home office space.

There are so many different genres when it comes to visual arts, and you may already have a favourite style. Common art styles seen in offices include;

  • Abstract
  • Calligraphy or typography
  • Motivational quotes
  • Graffiti or street art
  • Illustrations and drawing

Now, it can be tricky to compare original art versus a print or poster. Both are visually stimulating, however one is relatively cheap while the other can easily cost thousands of dollars. This is because the original is a one off, and nobody else will get to own a copy of it. It is really down to your budget to choose.

The next question is where to buy this wall art from. There are lots of places online now or at your favourite local gallery but they all have different art styles, materials, sizes and prices.

Take the time to explore a bunch of places, and don’t just buy the first thing you think looks nice.

Abstract wall art print
Abstract wall art print (Source)

How to choose wall art for your home office

Typically, wall art is the final piece in any home office set. It doesn’t just have to be a nice piece of art that goes on your wall. It can also be a piece that looks great, but also adds beauty and character to your room.

For example, if your office space is pretty plain, choose something that complements the colour scheme of the area (maybe to match the office sofa or some other furniture). If you have some rustic wooden furniture, you can use it as a bold accent to add some personality. If you have very modern furniture, then it can work as well.

If you don’t mind the price ($$$), consider an original piece. Maybe you want an abstract painting on a wall that represents what’s inside of your head or maybe an image from your favourite movie or book. Sometimes it really is just about pairing one thing with another.

Keep in mind that there are certain elements which are key to creating great spaces: clean lines and minimalism; clean colours; light colours; natural materials such as wood or stone; geometric patterns such as doodles; textures such as wood grain or sandblasted paint; bold colours or sharp contrasts between different elements such as textures, shapes, colours etc.

Island getaway wall art
Island getaway wall art (Source)

What sort of design and mood are you setting?

There are also lots more ways to decorate for your home office than just painting your walls. If you want something which could be done to match the colour scheme of your room but also looks great on its own then we recommend a personalised piece. If you don’t want that particular design then we suggest a professionally designed piece and it can be done anywhere (depending on size).

It’s worth mentioning that no matter what kind of wall art you choose, it will always look better when it is mounted in a frame and placed in the right spot.

Last but not least we have some tips on how to choose wall art for your home office:

1) Choose artists who have a style similar to yours (this way you’ll choose works that look good together)

2) Consider colour schemes/styles you already own/have (this way you’ll find works that also match what you already have)

3) Make sure the pieces are worth buying (this way you’ll find works that will last long enough to make a lasting impression)

4) Make sure they go well with other pieces (this way they’ll look good together).

Choosing wall art for your home office

What kind of creativity and mood do you want to set? It can be a challenge choosing wall art for your home office. It could be a poster, like a poster for a movie or a book. A poster for the music in your life. A space to express your personality in an unusual way that is unique and characteristic of you.

Moody monochrome photo
Moody monochrome photo (Source)

Conclusion: How Wall Art Can Enhance Your Office Space

The walls in your home office are a highly valuable piece of real estate that must be given the greatest attention. The space must reflect the personality of the person who is using it, and at the same time it should be functional and welcoming. It should provide a balance between work and rest, and give an impression of quality without being ostentatious or distracting.

Your home office space should also be aesthetically pleasing, to inspire creativity and allow for collaboration. While hanging something on your walls may not be the most important element in your office, just one art piece can be a major factor in making your space stand out from others.

The first step in choosing wall art for your home office is to select colour schemes that will fit with your personal style. They also need to go well with your other home office furniture and furnishings. Next you can decide on the type of artwork that will fit into what you have already in place in terms of design, style, aesthetics etc.