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We are hard at work, creating the best destination for fans of home office design and working from home.

We have always been fans of the remote work lifestyle, and since the global pandemic, we’ve found more and more people are too. However there’s a lot more to learn than just sitting at a desk all day in your home. We are here to help you with all of that, both here on our website and on Twitter too.

From articles on home office furniture, to expert guides on desk accessories, we’re sharing knowledge and advice about everything to do with working from your favourite place – home.

On this website, we’ll be covering everything to do with home office life in Australia and across the globe. All created and written from our own cosy home office in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

Thank you for joining us both!

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PS: Have a home office you want to share with us? We are keen to see what you’ve done. Our Home Office Inspo series is all about what our readers have created at home.