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Home Office Storage Ideas for Small Spaces With Big Results 

Home Office Storage Ideas for Small Spaces With Big Results 

Can you imagine what your home office would look like if you had enough space to give every piece of furniture you would ever need its own place? You’d need a factory! When space is limited, however, it can feel like it’s nearly impossible to fit anything, anywhere. That’s where the following home office storage ideas for small spaces come in.

Whether you have a small home office or a workspace that doesn’t have much space to move, there are ways to get the most out of your limited space. Keeping clutter-free can be challenging and take up valuable space, leaving little room for our favourite things. However, with some creative storage solutions, you can make your home feel more spacious and organised than ever before.

Plan out your storage space

For many people, the challenge with home office storage is the lack of space itself. It can be hard to visualise how much you need to store in a small space, let alone find a way to do it effectively. If you find that you have more items than you can fit, it’s important to take a step back and figure out exactly what you need to store.

Is it a specific category of items, like product stock or paperwork? If so, where should you put them? Should you store them in a shed or another room, and create more space?

Once you’ve identified the areas where you need to store items, it’s helpful to draw a diagram or map of your home office to help you visualise it. This will give you insight into where you have room to expand or best use existing spaces like shelves or a wall.

Home office floorplan

Home office floorplan

I used the fantastic app, floorplanner.com, to create a floor plan of my entire home prior to renovation. The home office can be seen in the image above. However you can use paper and a pen if that is easier for you.

Keep it clean and tidy

Whether you have a small home office or you share the space for other purposes, there are always creative ways to get the most out of your limited space. Keeping clutter-free can be challenging yet it helps you free up valuable space for your more important or favourite things. That’s where the concept of minimalism comes in, and we’ve published an article on minimalist decor that may help you in thinking of a less cluttered home office.

Invest in a filing cabinet

For those who do want to try to get a little more out of their home’s space, it’s worth investing in a filing cabinet.

Investing in a filing cabinet with a large enough drawer space is also useful when you have a large number of papers, documents, or files that need to be filed. It will allow you to keep everything filed together, making it far easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Invest in a sturdy, metal storage drawer and you can make the most of your home office storage space. They can be placed under a desk or underneath shelves to create more space, while keeping your items neatly stored and easily accessible.

Store Your Belongings on Shelves

If you have the space, it’s worth investing in quality shelving to allow you to store your items out of sight. This can be a great way to keep clutter-free spaces, such as your living room, without taking up too much room. It’s also a simple way to create space in smaller homes and apartments, as shelves can be placed in any room of the house.

Invest in a few, large, wooden shelves and then add all your items to them. Then, when it comes to cleaning, simply wipe down the shelves and they’ll be ready for the next use. This may mean that, in the space of a few months, you’ve created a useful addition to your home.

Office desk organiser

Office desk organiser (Source)

Use a small storage drawer

Home office storage ideas don’t have to break the bank to be effective. One of the simplest ways to get more out of your home office storage is by adding some desktop storage. The designer desk organiser above is made from 100% bamboo and is only 36cm wide. This means for a small amount of desk space you get 5 drawers to store important papers. You can decorate it by adding a plant on top as well.

These types of storage drawers are perfect for storing smaller items, like stationery, magazines or important paper items. They also make it easy to keep everything in one place, making it simple to access what you need when you need it. These are great for keeping your desk or bed neat and tidy, while still providing you with additional storage.

Add cube storage to hide away unwanted items

If you’re struggling to find a way to make the most of your home office storage, consider adding cube storage to your home. Cube storage is a great way to repurpose old items and create a useful storage solution. Cube storage units come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used to create a variety of different looks.

They can be used on their own or can be stacked to create an even more modern look. With so many styles and shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Cube storage is a great way to create more space in your home, while keeping your items neat and tidy and easily accessible. It can be used on its own or stacked with other items, creating a more modern look. It can also be used as under desk storage, under beds or even as a bookshelf.

Ottoman for home office storage

Ottoman for home office storage (Source)

Utilise an Ottoman/Foot Stool for Storage

If you’re looking for a creative, home office storage idea that doesn’t require any expensive equipment, consider a footstool or ottoman. Footstools like the one in the picture above, are great for creating more storage space literally under your feet. This one is 40cm wide and 45cm high, so perfect for storing smaller items out of sight, such as CD or DVD media, remote controls or small toys.

Footstools look fantastic, and are great for creating more space next to your office sofa, under a desk or anywhere else, while keeping smaller items neat and tidy. Finding creative and effective ways to use every inch of your home office can make any space feel more spacious, even when it’s small.

Home office storage ideas for small spaces

I trust the home office storage ideas for small spaces that I have listed above have helped you with your own space versus storage challenges.