What Are the Best Colours for a Home Office?

Purple represents wisdom and creativity

Many years ago, I had a small office with a few employees. Our main logo colour was green, like a super vivid green. I thought in order to tie the business in to the decor, I’d paint a feature wall, the one we all had our desks facing, that vivid green.

Wow, was I sooo wrong! This feature wall looked great at first, however it honestly felt like we had to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes.

This guide will help you avoid that mistake. Have a read and then go get small sample paints from your local paint store or hardware retailer. Don’t jump right in, until you’ve seen how these colours look at various times of the day and lighting.

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a private space to call our home offices are lucky indeed. Now that many of us work from home often, we are all starting to consider the aesthetics of these settings more.

But how can you bring beauty to a place that is primarily intended for boring work? Getting the ideal home office paint colours is essential part of this process. Let me explain.

The influence of colour

Mood, productivity, comfort, and energy levels may all be impacted by colours. Colour is one of the most often utilised design elements to foster certain emotions or change how a space is seen, according to colour psychology.

Light and airy colours can provide the appearance of a larger area in your workplace, which will help you make it look bigger. Choose cosier wall colours and furnishings, including soft yellows and wooden frames, to make your workplace seem cosier.

The use of calming colours is recommended while working in a fast-paced environment. A well-organised workspace may also put you at ease and aid with concentration. Pops of colour, together with amusing forms and textures, may spark original ideas in creative sectors.

What are the best colours for a home office?

Use this list to help you pick the colours that will make up your perfect workstation, whether you’re painting your walls or just adding exciting pops of colour to your home office décor.

White symbolises flexibility and openness

Best colours for a home office: white

White home office (Source)

The most adaptable colours are probably white and soft neutrals. A white workspace will assist in encouraging order and attention while letting in plenty of light. It can be readily updated with various organic hues for a minimalist appearance or strong splashes of colour for a distinctive home.

Black for self examination

Black for self examination

Black home office (Source)

Black is a very strong and grounding hue to have in your workplace, even if it is only advised for accent walls or other décor.

Add a couple of black cushions to a white sofa or hang wall art in black frames to increase your feeling of assurance in the choices you’re making since it’s known to promote confidence, reflection, and strength.

The comfort of orange

Orange colours for home office

Orange home office (Source)

Orange is another hue that is believed to increase energy and passion. It is ideal for those working in creative sectors. Its warm and lively tone may have a purifying and soothing effect.

Combine with contrasting blue hues for a striking effect. If you like a more understated appearance, use a white office with vibrant orange accents.

Red symbolises vigour and excitement

Red for vigour and excitement

Red home office (Source)

Red is known to spark discourse and enthusiasm. Like black, it is a colour that denotes power. People who work in sectors that change quickly will benefit from it since it keeps them alert.

Combine this colour with neutral or subdued hues like black, brown, or grey to counteract its aggressiveness.

Focus with green

Best colours for office: Green

Green home office (Source)

Green, which contrasts with yellow, is the least taxing hue on the eyes and is thought to improve reading comprehension and speed.

This hue is ideal if you’re an editor who must read several thousand words each day or if you often research challenging content. It is also renowned for soothing the body and mind simultaneously.

Colour yellow for positivity

Colour yellow for positivity

Yellow home office (Source)

Brighter yellows should only be used for a colourful accent wall or office design, even if light yellows may be applied to every wall in your workplace. Despite the fact that this hue is associated with friendliness and happiness, research indicates that excessive doses of it may make people feel frustrated.

We advise keeping this in mind while selecting the proper tone and wall colour since it is also the hue that strains the eyes the most.

Blue for productivity

Blue as best colours for home office

Blue home office (Source)

Warmer blues are popular for use in homes and workplaces because they may promote calmness and productivity, which means they belong on this list of best colours for a home office. If you often bring customers to your company, these colours are fantastic since they’re used by businesses to convey dependability and honesty. We advise contrasting cooler blues with warm or rustic accents since they may often be seen as aloof and frigid.

Cool blues and deep navy tones boost creativity and are the ideal option for your home office – often areas that you go to for innovative thinking. They are a fantastic option for a tiny home office or library since they aren’t overbearing and frequently seem like they are receding, which makes a small area look larger.

Purple represents wisdom and creativity

Purple represents wisdom and creativity

Purple home office (Source)

Purples are regal and imposing and are believed to inspire creativity. They also stand for riches, sophistication, and elegance. Dark purples are excellent for creative businesses.

However, individuals who want their home office to exude clarity should avoid them since they often evoke a feeling of mystery. Choose milder lilacs and lavenders for a peaceful and soothing impact.

Pink for peace

Pink home office

Pink home office (Source)

Unexpectedly relaxing, light pink is a lovely accent to a creative workspace or study area. It will help you remain calm while inspiring unconventional thoughts.

Since this hue is often linked to care and kindness, it is excellent for social workers, educators, yoga instructors, and even product creators.

Dark grey for calm

Dark grey for calm

Dark grey home office (Source)

Another excellent neutral and extremely adaptable colour that may give your workplace a modern air is grey. It is also known to inspire sensations of serenity and tranquillity.

It might seem a bit boring and perhaps stifle creativity if the right décor isn’t added, so make sure to include natural components and colours like an indoor plant or a wooden desk.

Brown for trustworthiness

Brown for trustworthiness

Brown home office (Source)

If you want to convey a feeling of power, dependability, and security, brown is one of the best colours for a home office. The ideal setting might be created for people who work in business or law. Darker browns work well with a glass or white desk, leather accessories, or some industrial office wall art for a sleek and serious look.

Soft brown colours may go well with any home office for a lighter vibe. Similar to white, they are calming, neutral colours that may be quickly updated by introducing a single piece of furniture, such as a bookshelf or hanging planter.

Choose a gorgeous monochromatic colour palette

Choose a gorgeous monochromatic colour palette

Monochromatic home office (Source)

A black-and-white study or home office will appear classy and professional when furnished, but if you are strictly adhering to the monochromatic colour scheme, it’s crucial to make sure you add enough texture to the space to make it feel warm and inviting.

The most effective monochromatic interiors mix depth and dimension with tactile elements to create an engaging story. Therefore texture is essential.


As you can see, some paint, amusing office wall art, or vibrant furnishings may help create a bright and inspirational environment. Knowing your working style and the primary purposes of your office space can help you choose the best colours for a home office. You are now prepared to create the ideal setting that will undoubtedly improve your comfort, productivity, and creativity.