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Clever Cable Tidy Solutions for Your Workspace

Clever Cable Tidy Solutions for Your Workspace

Despite the incredible advancements in wireless technology, we still deal with a lot of cords in our daily lives. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful looking home office, only to be let down by a spaghetti heap of cables around your electronic equipment.

Just about every computer hardware component, printer, scanner, etc all now seemingly include several cords, wires, and then there are all the charging cables that come with gadgets that we never use but still won’t get rid of (or is that just me?).

Keeping cables organised and neat may seem like a quite difficult challenge. However, there are a number of simple techniques to keep your home office cabling under control. Let’s now go through and discuss some various cable tidy solutions below…

Cable tidy solutions for your workspace

Using a cable sleeve

A single length of 50 cm of sturdy neoprene may be used to neatly bundle all the wires that are behind your TV or home computer in this cable sleeve. The sleeve is really simple to put on and take off of since it zips up and shuts.

Powerboard cable tidy

Powerboard cable tidy (Source)

Make use of the desk’s edge as a charging station

You’ll value this straightforward solution if you often have many gadgets charging at once and spend a lot of time untangling them. A powerboard system like the one shown above clamps to your desk and raises the plugs to allow easy access.

These will keep all of your charging cords neatly clipped together. They are the ideal complement to most people’s workplaces since they can each handle up to 4-8 cords.

Take the initiative with adhesive wall hangers

Although it’s not the most attractive of our suggested cable tidy solutions, hanging smaller wires from the wall is a relatively simple approach that works well in workspaces and offices. They are simple to modify since when they are taken off, they don’t leave any tack marks.

Invest in a cable box

For the additional plugs they provide alone, we often need to rig up extension cords at power points. However, doing so frequently results in a true eyesore of unnecessary wire. Simply storing the extension cord in one of these tidy cable boxes is the ideal answer to this problem. They come with a selection of attachments, including a cable trunk and spiral wrap.

A cable box may help keep your workstation tidy and uncluttered if you have a power strip on your desk. The box has enough room inside to conceal cables while holding phones, tablets, and other gadgets. By using it as a single location for charging, you can keep your desk free of unsightly cords.

Your unused wires may be hung from an H-frame

This solution is designed for lengthier connections that aren’t often used, such as garden tools or extra extension cords. Keeping them neatly wrapped around the H-frame cable is one easy method to keep them organised and in working condition. This useful small storage item may be mounted in the garage on a wall or in a cabinet.

Use zip ties to bind cables

Another one of our suggested cable tidy solutions is the simple zip tie. Get yourself a bundle of 100 zip ties from a hardware or stationery store. Then start bundling up cords all throughout your home. Before holding your wires together using zip ties, make sure they are nicely separated. To keep them organised from the power strip up to the desk or computer, it is preferable to apply zip ties many times.

After tying a knot, trim the end using a pair of scissors. The innards of desktop PCs may be kept neatly organised with the use of zip ties.

Zip ties have benefits and drawbacks. In order to remove a cable from a zip tie, all of them must be cut free and replaced. Having said that, you can make many bundles of wires, considering how inexpensive zip ties are.

You can simultaneously unplug and reinstall a number of wires in this manner. With so many connections, you’ll discover that you have developed your own cable management strategies.

Cable management tray

Cable management tray (Source)

Keep the wires for your computer in an under-desk tray

It’s likely that you have multiple wires hooked into a 4-way splitter beneath your display if you use a desktop computer. Choose a wire mesh tray like the quality example above, which can be bolted to the bottom of your desk, if the wires are accumulating around your feet. You can keep all those bothersome power and AV wires off the floor by placing them there permanently.

Take your wires around with you in a gadget bag

Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on our side, but we wanted to provide a cable management alternative for travel. If you often travel with a large number of gadgets, such as Kindle, phone, laptop, and camera, this solution is for you.

We recommend that you invest in a cable bag to hold the many charging cables for those devices, like this nylon gadget bag. Other items like memory cards, earbuds, power banks, and hard disks may find a convenient small home in this.


We hope that we have helped you master managing your desk’s cables through our cable tidy solutions. You can manage and conceal your cables anywhere with these simple solutions, enabling your home office to blend in with the decor of the rest of the space.

You’ll have simpler access to the cables while making repairs, and your home office will be safer and cleaner. Now you can start working in your organised workstation.