Inspiring Examples of Old World Home Office Designs

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An Old World Home Design is an interesting idea if you are planning to decorate your home office. A medieval touch may be added by accessorising tapestries, sculptures, area rugs, and works of art.

Old world design is mostly characterised by a palette of deep hues, hefty furniture, and textured layering. To assist you in getting the design without going over budget, a variety of materials and furniture are available. By making a few little adjustments or doing a whole home office remodel, you may capture the spirit of the ancient world.

How to include Old World Style?

How to include Old World Style
How to include Old World Style (Source)

Old world architecture combines European architectural styles seen in historic castles, estates, and houses. These structures often include a variety of interior design aesthetics, including medieval, Renaissance, and Romanticism.

For structural balance and to support the roof, wooden beams are often used to span the ceiling. A room has a number of geometric and spatially organised architectural components.

Arched doors and windows, classical columns, curving ceilings, and intricate plaster mouldings that combine feminine and masculine design are all examples of important old world styles. Any of these architectural features might give your business a remarkable touch. Consider installing moulded foam beams instead of real wood for a fraction of the price or creating rustic ceiling wood beams.

Features of Old World Design

Features of Old World Design
Features of Old World Design (Source)

Old World style is characterised by a cozy, worn-in appearance that reflects use-related wear and tears. The style is exemplified by tumbling marble, hand-trawled windows and walls, and textured walls. Surfaces with honed, matte, or distressed finishes are preferred versus highly polished, reflective ones. The breakdown of the style is as follows:


For a vintage look, the palette is deep, rich, and regal yet subdued. Burgundy, navy, forest green, ocher, and cream are common hues in an Old World interior. Dark-stained surfaces, and painted, glazed, and sanded surfaces may all be combined to represent years of usage.


For a subtle contrast, ceramic jars, with their glossy surfaces and wrought iron’s rustic appeal, are sometimes combined. Weaved tapestries, carpets, and a faded gilded finish on furnishings are further components that suggest an Old World appearance.


Damasks with large scrolls or floral motifs, intricate tapestry patterns, stripes and tiny prints on cotton, and subdued tones of lustrous silks are some examples of fabrics of the Old World style. The multilayered appearance is enhanced by accessories like fringe and tassels.


A room’s more opulent furnishings might be balanced by rough-hewn timbers lining the ceiling. Arched entrances and windows, which bring feminine curves to a mostly masculine architecture, are further noteworthy architectural aspects of a residence with Old World design.

Examples of Old World home office designs

Time Travel Concept

Time Travel Concept

Time Travel Concept (Source)

You may create the appearance of time travel if you desire a blend of ancient and modern world styles. This particular style, which has one foot in the history of Europe, combines modern elements.

The old world style offers a special fusion of contemporary, comfortable, formal, and simple elements. Distressed, sleek, and whimsical furniture designs combine elements from the past and the present. Some of the furniture is really beautiful and modern.

Have fun designing your workplace with a minimalist aesthetic and a nod to the past.

Old world decor is unmistakably characterised by rustic elements and opulent furnishings.

Opulent textiles

Opulent textiles

Opulent textiles (Source)

For upholstery, draperies, and cushions, choose textured materials in vibrant colours and patterns. In your old-world workplace, chenilles, antiqued silks, velvets, and damasks fit perfectly in. The ideal complement to plush fabrics is a leather workstation and comfortable club chairs.

Authentic options for this style include Persian carpets, which go nicely with brocade wall tapestries. You may also give your interior scheme a unique spin by using modest jute or seagrass area rugs.

Colours and Textures with Saturation

Colors and Textures with Saturation

Colours and Textures with Saturation (Source)

To create the appearance of an old castle or worn-out villa, use textured stucco, wood paneling, or a straightforward wash of paint and glaze on the walls. Varieties of umber, sienna, gray, brown, beige, and ochre are acceptable natural wall colors.

Old world style has a lived-in look that emphasizes an ancient worn appearance. The antique style is typified by hand-trawled walls and tumbled travertine. Surfaces with patinas and honed finishes are preferred over those that are excessively polished and reflective.

Dark, rustic wood planks, laminate flooring that looks like wood, and tumbled stone tiles are all alternatives for textured flooring. To get a traditional old world appearance, lay large-scale tiles of different sizes at random or go for a herringbone wood floor design.

Furniture items

Furniture items

Furniture items (Source)

The furniture of the ancient world is often made of iron, rough timbers, or exquisite hardwoods with leather and stone decorations. Choose items of workplace furniture that have personality. Instead of buying a matching set, they need to seem like they were accumulated over time. Pick furniture with dark, rich wood finishes that go with the room’s architectural features.

Accessories and lighting

Accessories and lighting

Accessories and lighting (Source)

As a floor accent, a large ceramic urn painted in the warm hues of a Tuscan sunset provides visual appeal. Combine more compact accessories in hues of the regional hand-painted pottery’s red, cobalt, olive green, and sunflower yellow. To maintain the traditional roots of your workplace design, use leather desk accessories.

The greatest options for enhancing natural light and adding warmth to your workplace are wrought iron chandeliers, sconces, and task lighting in tarnished bronze or rust finishes. Consider adding an iron wall grille, an elaborate tapestry, landscape prints, a sizable antique clock, and a huge corkboard with an elaborate frame to the walls of your workplace.


The old world influences come from a variety of places, including the interior of the nation and the Mediterranean coasts of Great Britain, Spain, France, and Italy. Whatever the origins of the old world, the ancient and classical eras reflect a distinct air from earlier periods.

The warmth and formality that the old world style gives interact in a unique way. Rooms seem big yet comfortable, and the furnishings are old but royal. The appearance of time travel is created by old world decor, which also gives a house an enticing European beauty.