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How to Clean Your Office Chair [Complete Guide]

How to Clean Your Office Chair [Complete Guide]

It is quite a common thing for almost every office owner when something wrong goes with the chairs. Whether something is spilled on a chair in the waiting room or on the office desk, what you should do about that becomes complicated. In this guide, we explain how to clean your office chair, so it lasts and doesn’t get damaged.

Cleaning chairs is not much of a big deal if you are doing it in your home. The problem with office chairs is that they come in complex shapes as compared to usual home chairs. Apart from that, the upholstery used in office chairs varies a lot. These are some of the things that require you to learn more about the right way to clean office chairs. We are going to talk in detail about how to clean office chairs.

Things to consider before you begin with the cleaning process

When discussing how to clean your office chair, the first step is to get debris and other solid waste from the chair surface. A large number of people ignore this step and end up damaging the chair surface.

When you have got the solution in your hands, apply it to some unnoticeable surface and let it dry to see the effects. It will help you check if there are any side effects of this solution on your chair surface.

A step-by-step guide to help you know how to clean your office chair

It is now time to take a look at all the steps required to clean your office chairs. There are some simple steps that remain the same in the majority of cases.

Take care of the solid trash first

Cleaning chairs might be needed many times a day based on your preferences. If you start rubbing the chair with a dry or damp cloth and there is a spec of something underneath, you are going to ruin the surface of the chair. This is the main reason you have to precisely take care of solid specs and other things like that.

Be quick during some specific situations

The cleaning process might be a routine task for many. But in some cases, it becomes necessary. When you spill something on the chair that might stain the chair, you should act the quickest. Your delayed response in such situations will make it difficult to clean even the easiest stains. This rule applies to the majority of types of chairs that are easily available in offices.

Pay attention to the care tags before proceeding further

Knowing the appropriate way to take care of the chairs based on their build is really necessary. Different pieces of furniture come with tags that describe the recommended way of cleaning.

You might not find the whole set of instructions but some code words must be there. Let us take a look at those code words and their meanings.

‘C’ – Crypton cleaning. Here you have to use plain water with powdered detergent or Crypton for cleaning the upholstery.

‘SW’ – With products having the label SW, you can either use water-based cleaning agents or dry cleaners based on your preferences.

‘W’ – Cleaning the item with water-based cleansers is recommended in this case.

‘S’ – These chairs need to be cleaned with products that are water-free. Some of the examples in this category include dry-cleaning solvents, etc.

‘X’ – You don’t have to attempt cleaning these chairs unless you are a professional. These items need to be cleaned professionally.

Crypton-based cleaning

Crypton is a fabric that offers protection from bacteria, odours, moisture, etc. on a permanent basis. It is the build of the fabric that prohibits us from using a random cleansing agent.

When these fabrics become dirty, you have to use a mixture of plain water and enzyme detergent. There are several other options that you can choose from but never go for dry-cleaning products.

Cleaning instructions for chairs with SW tags

The majority of chairs having this tag are built using recyclable polyester. The good thing about these is the fact that they can be cleaned using water-based or water-free cleansers.

Choose the cleanser based on your preferences and proceed with the cleaning process. Apart from this, you can keep these chairs odour-free with the help of baking soda. This is a fairly simple process. Sprinkle a few droplets over the entire surface and wait for a few minutes before vacuuming that area.

Here is how you clean chairs with the label W

Cleaning the chairs with water-based cleansers requires a few steps. Here are those simple steps that you should follow:

  1. Prepare the solution by mixing some drops of mild soap or dish-washing soap with water.
  2. First clean some unnoticeable parts of the chair with this solution and let it dry. It will help you know if the solution is causing any harm to the colour of the chair.
  3. After you find it safe, clean the entire chairs by dampening some cloth with this solution. Don’t forget to turn the cloth more often so that you are rubbing a clean part of the cloth most of the time.

Make sure you don’t pour the solution directly onto the chair. You have to clean the entire chair with a dampened cloth only.

Taking care of the chairs with the ‘S’ label

These chairs don’t need water-based cleansers. Plenty of water-free solvents are available in the market today. You can buy them online or offline. Refrain from buying any solvents that contain toxic materials in any form. Take a look at the precise steps required in this process.

  1. In this case, don’t forget to read the instructions from the manufacturer of the solution to avoid any damage to the chair in any way.
  2. Damp the cloth with the solution and start cleaning the stains.
  3. You have to turn the cloth very often to use the clean part most of the time. Rubbing it one-sidedly can make things worst instead of cleaning.

Now that we are done with all the types you can clean on your own. Since the chairs with type X need to be professionally cleaned, you don’t have to attempt to clean them. One more thing is there that we should consider. Mesh chairs have become quite common for office use these days. In case you too have mesh chairs, we have some simple instructions for you.

  1. Never rub the mesh in case you are unable to remove the stain as it might damage the mesh.
  2. Start cleaning the mesh with a vacuum cleaner. It will help you get rid of the dirt quite effectively.
  3. Remaining dirt can be cleaned with soap and water mixture.
  4. Don’t hesitate in calling the professional when things are not working for you.

This simple decision will keep you from ruining the chair.

Final words

We hope this article taught you well how to clean your office chair. You can use this guide to clean office chairs of several types. As we have already mentioned that being quick is the key in order to getting it done easily. Even if nothing is spilled on the chairs, there is no harm in performing the routine cleaning process of your chair.

You need more than just cleaning in order to ensure the best state of the chair. Make sure you are performing regular maintenance activities to make it functional as before.