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Interior Design Styles to Consider For Your Home Office

Interior Design Styles to Consider For Your Home Office

You may be either working from home full time or even just sometimes, whatever your personal situation no doubt that you want a bit of space for your work or creative projects or just need an area that is for the computer or studying.

For most people in the knowledge age, many of us are now spending all our days in front a computer screen, so you should start by working out how to make your office an inviting and comfortable space for your personal aesthetic.

Rather than a plain grey desk and shelves full of paperwork, why not add one of the following interior design styles to your workspace and customise it so it suits your personality?

With this in mind, here are five interior design styles for you to contemplate when giving your home office a bit of interior attention.

The pastel home office

The pastel trend in interior design styles sure isn’t going anywhere, and we think it works especially well in an office area. Sometimes, you just want a space to feel fun and whimsical, and we think this is where a splash of pink, pale yellow or turquoise, jolted to life with copper or gold, can really come into its own.

If your work space is part of another room, you can make it feel distinct by ‘zoning’ out the area and painting the wall a different colour – this looks great with pinks or blues.

Other ideas for quick updates? A pastel clock, or a piece of wall art also looks fantastic in a pastel frame or, if it’s a cut-out, stuck to the wall with pastel washi tape – this can be used on the edges of shelves too to make them feel a bit more unique.

The Scandinavian home office

You know Scandi design, right? We are talking that white and light wood look, with extra points for curves and minimalism. There’s something warm and inviting about a stark white and light wood home office. I know, that statement sounds strange, but it’s true.

Work time can easily turn into stress time if you’re not paying attention (or maybe if you’re paying attention too much – we can’t decide which!). If you find yourself often pulling your hair out over emails or Zoom meetings, a soothing, uncluttered approach to decor might just be the answer.

Minimalist home office

Another of my personal favourite interior design styles, is minimalism. I don’t mean just chuck everything in your home office in a box. I’m talking a considered approach to each item that you have on display, and utilise some nice looking office storage to hide the rest of your items from view.

You can take your own splashes of minimalist decor ideas to whatever lengths you wish. There is no set rule on how clean and simple your work space needs to be to achieve some ‘golden minimalism ratio’ or something. For example, the home office below may seem extremely bare to some, and others find it more appealing even simpler. It is whatever works for your own personal choices.

Minimalist home office workdesk setup

Minimalist home office workdesk setup

The eclectic home office

Another big trend in interior design styles, are home offices with picture walls and a ‘collage’ feel to them; plenty of wall art in your home office, such as little images, inspirational quotes, photos of family and friends and motivational pics.

The eclectic look doesn’t have to stop there, though. If you’re the type of worker who thrives on stimulus, make things feel lived in with vintage-style crates and a retro chair –Eames style or French interior design style, some vintage-style dark wood pieces and little bursts of colour in the form of a swivel chair or pendant.

Add a magazine rack for your afternoon break or to keep materials in, a big clock to keep your eyes on the time and if you have a lot of equipment, a stool. What about a Hairpin stool to be used as a side table? The latter makes a handy under-desk piece that you can pull out and use as extra surface space.

This is the kind of look you can build up piece by piece over time. In fact, you might find your home office is the perfect place to display all those random souvenirs, knick knacks and vintage finds you pick up over the years, and what better place to keep you inspired for that next big project?

A colourful home office

Maybe you’re the type of person that needs bright colours to spark off their imagination and get them fired up for a day at work. If so, a colourful office might be the one for you.

A simple office with a colourful chair is a trend we’re seeing a lot – the brighter, the better. Think of acid yellows or greens against wooden or painted floors. Apart from looking pretty, there’s definitely a small boost in sitting down to business in a special, mood-enhancing coloured chair each day. There are plenty of options out there: pink, pastel blue, yellow… You only need to find the one that suits your personality!

It’s easy to continue the theme with small accessories like lighting pendants, funky lamps and rugs – things that can update an existing or drab home office space and make it feel separate to the rest of the home.

White and natural home office

For a sense of calm, you should consider an all-white look, complemented with neutral and grounding tones of pale wood and natural design elements. A white wall, desk and chair can give the subconscious appeal of a clean slate and a fresh, unencumbered space for you to start work every day.

Natural accessories add a bit of personality, and when the backdrop is so plain, it’s easy to make work. Small wooden features like desk lamps or accessories, mixed with elements of clear glass or even copper -like these baskets– are an elegant route to calm.

Choose the right interior design styles for you

As you can see, making your home office the best room in the house is easy if you know how to mix and match the pieces. You have no excuse: you’ll love spending time in your office with the right interior design styles!