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What Is An Office Hutch and How Do They Work?

What Is An Office Hutch and How Do They Work?

A home office hutch is a kind of storage furniture often positioned on top of a writing or computer desk. Shelves on the home office hutch are often used to store books, office supplies, or small trinkets. Some hutches for home offices come with shelving in addition to one or more cabinets.

The home office hutch will often be made of oak, maple, or cherry wood and will complement the desk or other home workstation. A home office hutch is a useful piece of furniture to house required home office materials.

Cabinets with glass doors make it possible to observe the contents without opening the door. This kind of hutch makes it easy to store computer accessories like a printer or scanner when positioned on top of a computer desk.

A home office hutch is popular among those who have a workstation since it optimises the workspace. An office hutch provides more room to store a range of daily office necessities and helps keep materials nicely organised. The home office hutch may be manufactured from scratch or to particular measurements as a do-it-yourself project.

Not every home office hutch is big or expensive. Some hutches are compact, so they may fit in a tiny office or den with a corner desk. This kind of extension is often called a tiny hutch. The micro hutch may be quickly attached to a small desk without using any tools or requiring any setup. Some of the smaller hutches include side pockets for storing pens and pencils or mail.

How do office hutches work?

It’s easy to lose order while spending so much time in front of one piece of furniture. This may be particularly true when things at work grow hectic. A few unorganised printouts that start off little may rapidly turn into a sticky note debacle and balled-up bits of paper near your trash can.

It might be irritating when you’re looking for anything on your desk. But the effects on your job can be more severe. In reality, having a dirty desk may have an impact on everything from how well you perform at work to how other people, including your supervisor, see you.

Buying a desk hutch is one versatile, space-saving method to furnish your office space. A desk hutch provides you room to manage by removing clutter from your desk.

Contemporary office desk hutch

Contemporary office desk hutch (Source)

Advantages of having a home office hutch

A dirty desk may have a bad influence on both your job and even your health. The good news is that the opposite is also true. Those who keep their desks neat often feel more in charge, more productive, and even happier.

Expands storage

When you don’t have a place to store the objects on your desk, it’s difficult to keep organised. You have more room with a desk hutch to organise your belongings.

Conserves floor space

There are other storage possibilities, including file cabinets and bookcases. A desk hutch does not need extra floor space since it is placed on top of or above your desk. A desk hutch is thus perfect for tiny workplaces, shared offices, and modern office settings.

Utilises vertical space

In an office, vertical space could be entirely underused. Use every inch of space at your disposal, especially in a tiny office setting. Desk hutches utilise the available vertical space to provide simple, off-the-ground storage and display.

Provides flexible storage choices

Desk hutches come in various styles, so you may choose one that best suits your storage requirements. Do you find it difficult to control the piles of paper that seem to always find their way to your desk? A desk hutch with paper slots is an option.

Are you experiencing an electrical overload? Pick a hutch style with shelves for storing your printer, scanner, and other goods. If you’re concerned that the mess won’t go away, you may even choose a hutch with drawers or cabinets so that it can be covered and won’t disturb your colleagues.

Facilitates the organisation of books and supplies

It is simpler to keep a range of desktop things with a desk hutch due to the versatility of the storage choices. For example, unlike a conventional bookshelf, you may quickly locate a compartment for your stapler, three-hole punch, and other tiny objects.

Helpful for managing cords

Some desk hutches include a back-mounted shelf with cable cutouts. This enables you to showcase your equipment while keeping the unsightly wires hidden.

Rapid worker desk with hutch

Rapid worker desk with hutch (Source)

Factors to consider when buying an office hutch

While buying an office hutch, you should keep the following factors in mind:


Before buying a desk hutch, carefully measure the available space. You must measure both to ensure that the hutch fits over or around your desk and the space where you want it to go.

Don’t forget to check that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate the hutch of your choice. A door should be able to open without slamming against the hutch, so check that as well. You should also consider whether the hutch might obstruct window access.


There are a variety of desk hutch alternatives available to meet almost all of your organising requirements. Before making a purchase, consider the areas in which organisation aid is most needed. A hutch with fewer paper slots would be better if your storage needs are mostly for documents.

On the other hand, a hutch with more spacious compartments is a good option if you have a lot of books that require a better place to live. The desk with hutch example above from Elite Office Furniture is an example of this. Look through the many hutch designs for a while to locate the one that best suits your unique organising requirements.

Open vs closed shelves

Both open and closed shelves have advantages. You can quickly view and take items off the open shelf. You could be inspired to maintain your organised possessions as a result. Closed shelving offers a more streamlined appearance and makes those “difficult to organise” things more difficult to see.

A hutch with both open and closed shelves is another option. With a few closed rooms to conceal those items you simply can’t seem to find a place for, this may keep you honest with the bulk of your company.

Requirement for lighting

Some hutches include inside illumination to brighten up your work area. Ensure an outlet nearby where the cable may fit, or use an extension cord to expand the reach.

Consider what kind of desk or floor lamp would fit with your newly structured area if you do not desire underneath illumination. Consider managing your cords once again. Are the wires accessible beneath your desk and hutch? Do your wires have easy access to an outlet? If not, make sure to get an extension cable that is compatible with the kind of lighting you choose.


Your desk does not have to be messy while at work. Your workspace can be improved by a desk hutch. Consider what would be the most beneficial for your particular organising demands before making a hutch purchase.

Once you’ve worked it out, you can quickly have an organised workspace.