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11 Clever Ideas for a Hideaway Desk

11 Clever Ideas for a Hideaway Desk

Your home office may not be set up properly. Maybe you’re on your knees in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else. It can be modest, or perhaps you have a sizeable area set off, but it’s in an open-concept environment. Whatever the case, you’ll find these hideaway desk ideas to be really helpful.

Ideas for Hideaway Desk

Place a desk under the steps

If done tastefully, a hideaway desk tucked under stairs may be quite effective. You may have units customised to contain storage and match the delicate woodwork on your staircase. This strategy maintains the area organised and aesthetically clear, which is ideal for a small space.

Construct a hideaway desk in a bedroom alcove

Small desks are ideal for letter writing, laptop work, and simply quiet time. Armoires with pull-out desktops may combine storage for documents or clothing, depending on your requirements. Bedroom alcoves are the ideal location for concealed workstations.

Although it doesn’t have to be aesthetically prominent, utility, such as storage, must be at the centre of your home office design. Selecting an eye-catching focal point can draw attention away from the room’s intended use and make it seem as thoughtfully designed as a living area.

Use doors to enclose an open area

Consider shutting off the end you are working in with doors if your current workplace has an open-plan design and you just can’t obtain the peace and quiet you need. Sliding doors are more space-efficient than hinged ones, and if you select ones with flair, they’ll make a statement in addition to being useful.

The office space is zoned and given a distinct identity from the rest of the design by being painted a deeper, more dramatic colour.

Position a workstation behind a couch

Another one of our ideas for a hideaway desk, is to position it behind a couch. Putting a desk behind a sofa is a brilliant method to enable you to work in a shared environment. Console tables behind couches are not a new approach to creating hideaway desk ideas.

Rethink the windowless areas you previously disregarded

Look around your house with new eyes. Is there any un-utilised area that you previously deemed inappropriate because, for instance, it lacked natural light? It may even be a locked cabinet with a stud wall you can take down or the other end of a large kitchen/diner and living area.

Instead of designing the room just as a workplace, consider a broken layout with glass inside walls and a door that lets in natural light while blocking outside noise.

Folding hideaway desk

Folding hideaway desk

Portable desk

Why not take it too literally if you desire a fold-away desk? Use a desk that can be folded up and out of the way when not in use.

Your demands may be well met by a small, folding desk. A folding desk may be found in several sizes to suit your requirements and occupy no more room in your house.

Desk in a bedroom alcove

One of the creative designs for a concealed desk is this one. For bedroom alcoves, small office desks called hidden workstations that are appropriate for laptop use, letter writing, and quiet time are excellent.

Choosing a focal point, such a statement office chair or even a piece of art, will divert attention away from the area’s function and make it seem more like a living room, making the most of the bedroom alcove space and creating a boundary for the home office.

Wall-mounted table

You won’t ever be able to complain about the desk taking up too much space if you use this concept to create your workstation anywhere in the house. When not in use for storage, put a floating shelf on any wall and use it as a decorative shelf.

Under-stairs desk

We anticipated that, with the popular Harry Potter motif, we wouldn’t look at the area beneath the desk in the same way again. So why should you? It is among the best locations for setting up a home office.

The advantage of employing stair space is that it is a private, isolated, practical, and otherwise unused place. A platform deck may be constructed and even have tiny storage spaces added beneath. To create a great overall appearance, paint the wall under the steps or use wallpaper.

Make the most of the corner space

Make the most of the limited area in the corner of your home by converting it to a workspace. In the event that you wish to reduce distraction, it would be ideal.

You can fit the items in this little area in your home using the vertical installation mechanism. The book collections may be kept on the shelves.

Adding electrical outlets to the cabinet can make everything seem neat and organised. The desk also resembles a bookcase in the corner of your home when it is not in use.

Minimalist Design

The simple design of the furniture will be a wonderful choice if you want to give your home a large appearance. It should be both simplistic and adaptable at the same time.

The fact that the desk will be in a hiding place is linked to the wall, giving it a natural accent. The wooden slats make the decorative linings seem excellent. Over the cabinet, there are two open shelves.

You may make the most of the area by using it as a display for your decorative items. The cabinet features a folding door that, when opened, serves as a desk. To arrange your belongings, there are certain areas within the cabinet.


Make a hidden desk by using our ideas creatively. If you want to work without distractions, this will be the ideal answer. To avoid clogging up your area, arrange all the items that need their own spaces on the several shelves within the cabinet.