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How to Choose a Student Study Desk [6 Things to Consider]

How to Choose a Student Study Desk [6 Things to Consider]

A student study desk is a must have nowadays. As a student grows up, the workload increases and students often have to study for long monotonous hours. Given, that one often has to sit for a long period of time, staring at books or laptops, it is almost essential to sit in a comfortable space, which is relaxing and can hold all the necessities like books, water bottles, a laptop, and other resources while not sacrificing comfortability or efficiency.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the popularity of student study desks has spiked over time and certainly now, where almost each student has one study desk in their room. Whether you’re an adult simply looking for a better desk to get your work done or a parent looking to get a study desk that allows your child to study as well as matching the young whimsical vibe of your kid’s room, buying a student study desk is certainly the right choice.

But just like many products, before buying a student study desk it is important to do your research. There are plenty of things to know and look for so you can pick a student desk that is right for you and fits your needs to perfection.


First and foremost, there is the most obvious factor, which is the desk size. Depending on your room size, you should choose one that doesn’t occupy much space and doesn’t obstruct your walking path in your room. It is better to choose a desk that is linear shaped, so it can be easily pushed against a flat wall or the dead corners of a room.

For congested or matchbox rooms, it is better to get a wall mounted desk, as to ensure that it doesn’t take up too much space. Obviously, having a large room comes with its liberties, including having the ability to buy a much larger study desk, specifically a more extravagant and luxurious U shaped or L shaped desk, which is mostly ideal if you have one or more children, or even if you’re just an affluent student.


Secondly, there are the table ergonomics or to put in layman’s term, height adjustable desks. Normally, a student study desk should be anywhere from 71 to 76 centimetres in height in order to ensure a comfortable seating position. Clearly you can simply buy a height adjustable or standing desk, but they normally cost more than your average desks, so it’s better to try out the desk and the seating positions, to see if it can accommodate your height perfectly.

Remember, normally you should be able to look down on the desk comfortably and the desk should be wide enough to hold a multitude of books and other stuff, therefore it is important especially if you have a child, to have them try out the student study desk.

Student study desk

Student study desk


Thirdly, there are the storage options within the desk. Student study desks should have sufficient storage options, such as multiple compartments and other storage spaces. This allows the desk to be able to house stationery, books, and all the other stuff like other crafts and Knick knacks that one may want to store in desk.

Having deep spacious drawers and pockets of spaces can go a long way. Once again, it is vital that these drawers be sturdy and strong and of good quality, so that these drawers may be able to withstand rough usage without wear and tear or any damage at all. Hence, checking the quality is always a good choice.

Another point regarding the spaciousness to be noted, is the space under the desk. There should be sufficient space for people so sit with their legs open, this may be an important thing to look for if you’re a tall person or even in kids study desks as often times kids have to sit uncomfortably knocking knees all the time.


Fourthly, Since these student study desks are primarily for kids and younger students, it is important to ensure that they are child friendly. Mainly, this refers to having no sharp corners or open nails that may cause any sort of injuries to a child. It is also better to know that it is made of non-toxic, lead-free paint to avoid any sort of poisoning.

Having a child friendly design is an upside but other than that, it is important to childproof it by trying to get materials that are waterproof and are easy to clean, so that stains and spills don’t become a recurring issue, and it is easy to maintain and clean them.

Also, it is better to be certain that these desks are made of sturdy wood, powder coated stainless steel or wicker that is obviously durable and more resistant to damage than other fragile material.


Fifthly, there is the mobility of desks. If you’re the type that moves around a lot or generally likes changing the setting of rooms, you should clearly but mobile Student study desks, that are fixed with casters. These wheels make these desks much easier to move around without damaging the floor.


Lastly and perhaps most importantly, you should buy according to your budget. It is never a good idea to splash a large chunk of money on something and then later regret it, especially when it comes to normal furniture. It is much better to buy a simple basic comfortable study desk than a luxurious uncomfortable one.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are plenty of student study desks available on the market nowadays, But the main things to remember are the points mentioned above, and to buy sturdy pieces of wood so that these desks remain usable over a large period of time. That should be all the information you need to choose the perfect Student study desk.