10 Beautiful and Unique Home Offices to Admire

Photo wall in home office

Australians have a wide variety of homes, and as many options when it comes to home office space and design. Some of us are lucky enough to have a whole room, and others, a corner of the bedroom. Some have to share the space with teenagers doing homework, others may have enough room for two or more desks.

Many of us spend many hours in our home office, so we shouldn’t be afraid to introduce some of your own personality into the workspace. Think splashes of original and bold art, indoor plants or photos of the family.

Here are ten very different types of home offices, all of which have something to admire. Maybe there’s something that will inspire you and your home office design?

Home office with a view

White home office with amazing view

White home office with amazing view (Source)

One of my favourite of these ten unique home offices would have to be this stunning white room with a view. Here we have beautiful built in cabinetry, showing a bookshelf along the top, and plenty of room for an office sofa as well. The patterned office rug makes a nice juxtaposition with the minimalist white furniture.

The kitchen office nook

Home office nook next to kitchen

Home office nook next to kitchen (Source)

This unique home office shows why a lack of space doesn’t mean a lack of creativity. A powerpoint in the wall, and low stool means it can be used for a variety of purposes by every member of this family.

Plenty of shelves and space

Home office with plenty of shelving

Home office with plenty of shelving (Source)

The sparse use of this shelving in this unique home office means although it could easily be cluttered, it isn’t. The wooden floors with nice floor mat and simple timber desk work to complete the space nicely.

The row of four lamps located on the top of the bookshelves emit a nice array of light when it is the evening. This works well with the dark stained french doors seen on the left of the photograph.

Dark and calm home office space

Spacious heritage home office design

Spacious heritage home office design (Source)

Strong dark colours such as these interior walls provoke an opinion from everyone. To me, this room works to elicit a sense of calm, and the furniture reminds me of a bank managers office from the fifties.

The large desk clock, and home office rug with a unique pattern makes this room really stand out as a thoughtfully designed workspace.

A crafty office for the home

Spacious craft home office room

Spacious craft home office room (Source)

We’ve seen more and more rooms being used as art studios, craft and sewing spaces and the like. This room does a great job of being creative yet styled, in a clever way.

The use of wallpaper as a feature wall, displaying the two brightly lit windows matches well with the large pin up board with material samples and the like.

The desk of simplicity

Beautiful home office

Beautiful home office (Source)

This is the traditional desk and chair, but looking closely, it is apparent that this furniture has been created to fit the space perfectly. Custom desks and drawer space means everything in this room has a considered space to call home.

Home office and art gallery

Photo wall in home office

Photo wall in home office (Source)

This wall gives plenty of art to admire, for when you need to rest your eyes from the harsh light of a computer screen. It is like a small art gallery, a reflection of the owners of this unique home office space.

The sliding door on the right means that whilst the door can close, there is a certain amount of light and perceived connectivity to the rest of the house by using the door’s inbuilt frosted glass panels.

Stark bedroom office corner

Home office corner in bedroom

Home office corner in bedroom (Source)

It can be easy to become disheartened if you really don’t have the space for a full size desk, however this bedroom corner works wonders, and demands to appear on our list of ten unique home offices. A built in desk with shelves compliments the wardrobes, and takes this space to a new level. The use of a few indoor plants, a knick knack or two, and the space is complete.

Spare room home office

Modern white home office setup

Modern white home office setup (Source)

A great example of modern minimalism, this predominantly white room houses a simple home office desk with drawers on either side. The room is devoid of other furniture, to allow the room to feel much bigger than it actually is.

The desk has been placed closer to the door than the room corner, in order to maximise interaction with people walking past, as well as provide more air flow.

Home office for two

Two person home office for couples

Two person home office for couples (Source)

There is something romantic about a couple’s office. These two desks line up side by side, and feature natural wood drawers, as well as side cupboards on either side.

The swivel office chairs look super comfortable, and the matching desk lamps give this home office for two a cohesive design.

In Summary

These unique home offices all have their own style and space. What they tell us though is that no matter what space you have, and no matter how limited your budget, there are options to create an office workspace that suits your personality and home.

Take the time to look at plenty of other home offices and workspaces, so you can get a clear sense of what your design aesthetic will be. Then choose your items carefully, so they all work together to create the perfect workspace for you.