9 Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas You Will Love

Make use of every crevice and space

A small bedroom office combination could be an option if you want to designate a place for work in a compact location or small house. In order to avoid encroaching on your sleeping area, the key to smart and effective tiny bedroom office combo ideas is striking a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

For individuals who don’t have enough room for a separate room, there are several options to add a workstation to your current bedroom office. In order to help you get started on your bedroom redesign, we’ve gathered a variety of useful and lovely home office ideas on how to masterfully combine these two rooms.

Ideas for small bedroom office combo

Use a unified colour palette

Bedroom office combo ideas

Bedroom office combo ideas (Source)

Our interiors have had to change to accommodate new and sometimes contradictory applications as a result of the fact that many of us are spending more time at home than ever. Home office spaces are now being integrated into bedrooms, living rooms, landings, and alcoves. An office area might be zoned or seamlessly included in your design plan by decorating.

A small bedroom office combo should blend your home office desk area into the design scheme of your room. We recommend that you choose a colour from the existing scheme of colour. This will help create a seamless and harmonious feel.

Use a rug

Use a rug in your bedroom office

Use a rug in your bedroom office (Source)

You can place a small desk directly in front of the window. This will allow as much natural light as possible and also adds a beautiful viewpoint. The rug can be placed under the desk and chair to add a sense of luxury and help define the space inside the room.

Let the light in

Let the light in

Let the light in (Source)

Choosing the perfect location for your home office is important to productivity. You don’t need a lot of space, but you do need windows that let in natural light and an uncluttered environment. When a separate room is not an option, the bedroom is often the best option.

Find a spot near the window to get as much natural light into the space as possible. Window films are an excellent addition if you have nosy neighbours or maybe don’t have the finest view. Additionally, they are available in a wide variety of styles. Keep it understated with a frosted, delicate pattern, or go for a bright, impactful design.

Make use of your corners

Make use of your corners

Make use of your corners (Source)

The majority of the time, corners are where “dead” space can be found in most rooms. You may put your desk here, and it doesn’t have to fit precisely. For cohesiveness, make sure the desk and chair you choose blend in with the rest of your bedroom’s design.

Use a curtain

Use a curtain

Use a curtain (Source)

Today, you just need a small desk, a chair, and a laptop, to set up a home office. While designing a workplace for a bedroom, it’s crucial to figure out how to make it “invisible” when not in use. If the space is big enough, you may divide it off with drapes or screens so you can’t see it from your bed.

A modest writing desk may be the focal point of a four-poster bed with drapes across the front rail, softly dividing night from day. Additionally, if you have a deep bay window, you may create a work nook that doesn’t infringe by hanging drapes across the front of the alcove. Make sure that the bed continues to be the centre of attention by taking into account the room’s focal points.

Use a wall-mounted desk

Use a wall-mounted desk

Use a wall-mounted desk (Source)

It takes a few interior design tips to make a compact bedroom office combination function aesthetically and effectively. If at all feasible, use a wall-mounted workstation to keep the floor free.

At the end of the day, this space-saving design by Ligne Roset can be flipped closed, and there’s even a specific area within the unit where notebooks and a tablet may be placed. This is one of my favourite small bedroom office combo ideas in this list.

Hang art on the wall

Hang art on the wall

Hang art on the wall (Source)

There are many desk designs that will fit your decorating style and the architecture of your house if you move away from the boring and the formal.

A little bedroom office is an ideal area to express your ideas. Create a gallery wall on bare walls to brighten up a small or dreary bedroom while also providing essential inspiration.

Before you begin, consider your style. When it comes to hanging art on your walls, your design style—whether maximalist, bright, minimalist or tailored—will set the tone.

An old desk adds charm

An old desk adds charm

An old desk adds charm (Source)

Proportions are the secret to a superb compact bedroom-office combination. When you have limited space, you should think about the bedroom furniture you can put in so that the two parts blend well.

This old desk is the ideal fit since it is long enough to sit at the foot of the bed without taking up any floor space and is thin enough to accommodate a laptop, notebooks, and a light on it. Due to their more erratic sizes, vintage items are ideal for this.

Make use of every crevice and space

Make use of every crevice and space

Make use of every crevice and space (Source)

When space is restricted, and your work location has to be in a bedroom, you may be creative. We recommend that you reuse the corner of a room or any other space to create a workstation for focus that serves to enhance your concentration.

A soft neutral colour scheme will work best in smaller spaces or quieter rooms like bedrooms. This combination will provide a gentle yet brighter contrast and create an elegant and useful space that is ideal for your small bedroom office combo.


We hope our ideas for the small bedroom office combo ideas have helped you out. Choose one that best resonates with your space and sense of style. Happy renovating!