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Personalise Your Office Desk With These Awesome Ideas

Personalise Your Office Desk With These Awesome Ideas

With the advent of technology, work today has become much faster than ever. The pace of life is also increasing at a fast rate which means that we need to keep up with it too. With the new millennium, our working environment has also undergone a change. That doesn’t mean we can’t personalise your office desk though – this article explains.

Gone are the days when we worked in an office for about five hours with a window to look at and another to let out some fresh air. Today’s working environment is much more private and equipped with modern amenities so you can work there all day long as necessary.

This article is dedicated to helping you find your own perfect office desk by providing you with awesome ideas and tips on how you can customise one for yourself.

Perpetual calendar pen holder

Perpetual calendar pen holder (Source)

Choose designer storage

One of the most important aspects of an office desk is storage. Typically, people put their stationary items, such as pens and paper on the desk so they can be located easily. However, you can also include a few extra storage spaces for your other various items.

The perpetual calendar pen holder above looks the part, or you can use a nice stationery drawer or even a monitor or laptop riser, and store paperwork underneath.

There are plenty of ways to store things on one’s office desk which includes having a place to store your laptop, or even putting your phone on a flat charging dock, a cradle or in the top drawer area.

Setup your work environment

One of the most important tips when it comes to setting up your office desk is to choose a space that you love. The environment that you choose for yourself should be your own and one that makes you feel calm.

Another tip for setting up your work space is to keep clutter to a minimum. In our modern society, we are constantly surrounded by distractions like social media, work emails, etc. Keep these activities at bay and focus on what’s important in life so as not to be distracted by it and remain productive at work.

If you want to set up your workplace with an impressive décor, then make sure you decorate it well too. You can use pretty wallpapers or opt for unique materials like wood or stone in order to bring the ambiance of a classy office setting home with you!

Plants in wooden indoor pots

Plants in wooden indoor pots (Source)

Add a plant in a coloured pot

There are some great indoor pots for sale nowadays, like these beautiful wooden ones found on Etsy. Adding a small plant on your office desk always adds some interest, and gives a sense of nature, which automatically spreads a sense of calm.

If you find that you often forget to water them, choose a succulent or even an artificial plant; there’s some great fakes that are hard to spot out there!

Add a pin up board with clippings and pictures

Consider adding decals or painting pictures on your walls to give it an eye-catching effect. Just make sure the pictures and paintings aren’t too distracting so that people won’t be distracted by them when they come into your office. The idea is for people to focus solely on work, not on what’s happening outside the window or near their workstation.

You can also display some of your favourite pieces like books or mementos from home that make you happy.

Swap that boring coffee mug for a cool one

Instead of the plain white cup, why not go all out and find a cool designer one instead?

Retro 70's coffee cups

Retro 70’s coffee cups (Source)

The right coffee mug reflects your personality and style. These cool retro ones ooze that 70’s feel, or choose from witty sayings, or even a personalised one with a photo of your loved ones.

Make it look professional

An office desk is not complete without a set of cool pens and a sleek laptop. You can consider purchasing these items if you don’t already have them.

Apart from that, you can also buy some other necessities like a printer if your workplace requires it.

Create comfort and ergonomic

The first tip is to create a sense of comfort and ergonomic in your office desk. The more comfortable you are, the less tired you will be. That’s why it’s important to install a personal computer tower with a large screen because it will help you work without feeling exhausted.

It also helps that you can choose your favourite design so the whole office desk looks perfect for your needs. You can also create a comfortable and ergonomic environment by using different colours, textures, and even smells.

If you want an office desk that improves posture, then buy an adjustable-height chair or stand. This will help complete your ergonomic space and keep your back in proper alignment all day long.

Personalise your office desk

It’s important to personalise your office desk and workspace, so it is as comfortable and functional as possible. Here are some helpful tips on how to customise your desk to suit your needs.